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Lakeway Wellness

Lakeway Wellness.JPG

Business Type:

Chiropractor/Massage Therapy

Phone Number:

(865) 582-1504

Contact Name:

Dr. Jen Padrta

Address Number:

123 W. Broadway Street, Lenoir City , Tennessee 37771

Hours: Monday  1-6PM

             Tuesday-Wednesday 8:30AM - 1PM

             Thursday Closed

             Friday 7:30AM - 1PM

             Saturday-Sunday Closed


Whether you want to remain healthy with wellness care or you are suffering from an unexpected illness or injury, Dr. Jen Padrta is here to assist you in many capacities.  Dr. Jen is a board-licensed Chiropractic Physician, as well as a Clinical Nutritionist, who is equipped to handle a comprehensive range of wellness care, as well as injuries. Structural, nutritional and emotional balance is necessary for a healthy life.​  Lakeway also offers Massage Therapy and a variety of vitamins and supplements.

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